3 Best Biokinesis Blue Eye Color Subliminal Videos

#1 3 Hour Biokinesis Blue Eye Subliminal by Good Vibes – Binaural Beats

Coming in first on this list just like on our list of green eye videos is a video by Good Vibes – Binaural Beats. This channel with nearly a million subscribers at the time of this article’s release is a juggernaut in the community. They regularly release high quality subliminal videos and this one is no exception.

The length of this biokinesis blue eye subliminal makes it an effective tool when utilizing it while asleep. As discussed in our article on everything about biokinesis listening to audio should be paired with training and biokinetic exercises. It’s also important to get into the right state of mind if you’re using these whilst meditating. Whether you’re a beginner or master though this video has been proven to work and is a great place to get started.

#2 11 Hour Subliminal by Donald Dewitt

This blue eye color change subliminal comes from a small and relatively unknown channel however, it is definitely a diamond in the rough. The audio is high quality and many listeners have found success using this video while asleep. It’s hard to imagine this video only have 10K views for long, I expect this channel to grow if they keep releasing quality content like this.

#3 Biokinesis Light Blue Eyes Subliminal by Orville Tulley

In at number 3 is another video released by a smaller channel. Another quality video that took some deep diving into YouTube to find, I expect this video to grow in popularity over time but it’s easy to see how it currently only has a single dislike. There isn’t much negative to say about the video, a lot of the people who have tried it have found success even when using it in increments with meditation.

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