3 Best Biokinesis Green Eye Color Subliminal Videos

#1 8 Hour Biokinesis Green Eye Video by Good Vibes – Binaural Beats

Coming in at first on our list is this powerful video released by Binaural Beats way back in 2016. Time hasn’t lessened the effectiveness of this video though as the view and like counts are still growing on a daily basis. The length of this video does make it tough for anyone who likes to use a subliminal while meditating though. However, 8 hours is ideal for anybody who likes to use them while sleeping and when it comes to the world of subliminals; Good Vibes – Binaural Beats know what they’re doing. They regularly release subliminal videos for a multitude of things and have been in the game for years now.

#2 1 Hour Green Hazel Subliminal by Spiritual Growth

Coming in at number 2 is this far shorter biokinesis green eye color subliminal video by Spiritual Growth. Technically the title states green hazel however most results in the comments lean towards a light green. The channel that published this is another reliable one with over 20K subscribers. The video was released in 2017 and still holds relevance, it is a great video to use during a long meditation session. Many people have also claimed to achieve results when only partially listening to the video during shorter 20-30 minute sessions. The key to success is your focus whilst listening to the video and meditating. Sleep subliminals are a bit different as they primarily targeting the subconscious mind. If you can focus on the eye color transition whilst meditating the process will definitely be far quicker.

#3 100,000 MPH Light Green Eyes by Rock Er Subliminals

Coming in at number 3 is a controversial style of subliminal video. Many swear by the results brought about by this subliminal however, it has been found to be ineffective for some people. If the method was more proven this biokinesis green eye subliminal could have definitely reached higher on the list. It is certainly worth a try though as a lot of people swear by the results and although the channel who released the video is small; this video has gained some traction and is highly rated among people in the subliminal community.

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