Everything You Need To Know About Biokinesis

Biokinesis Meaning, What is it?

For those who are new to the world of kinetic abilities or just haven’t heard of this one in particular; you’re probably wondering what biokinesis actually is. Biokinesis is the power to manipulate genes within your own or someone else’s body. As you presumably gathered from that description, it is a powerful ability that is capable of granting users power over any living thing. However, the power that biokinesis can bring a person isn’t what the ability is infamous for. If you ask anyone with a little bit of knowledge on kinetic powers they’ll tell you the thing that attracts people to this ability is it’s cosmetic effects.

The most popular cosmetic change made utilizing biokinesis surrounds eye color. Whenever researching the ability you are bound to come across subliminals and biokinesis proof videos of people claiming to change their eye color. We have analysed some of these claims in our biokinesis proof article and although there are a lot of fake results being posted around; there is some seemingly genuine evidence. In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know about this intriguing ability. Everything from its capabilities and limitations to subliminals and methods of learning this power.

Biokinesis Power

Biokinesis Capabilities

As stated earlier biokinesis is a tremendously powerful ability. Even though it’s main attraction is the cosmetic effects it can have, biokinesis is capable of doing a lot more then that. To start lets talk about the changes a person could make to their own body. Theoretically a person could change and enhance literally any aspect of their body as the biokinesis definition would tell you, it is the ability to manipulate genes. However, that broad definition doesn’t tell the full story.

Everything that can be achieved with biokinesis requires intense focus and is both physically and mentally draining. Most changes made to the body require weeks or even months of consistent use of this ability on the area of the body that is being targeted. That being said, with experience comes smaller time investments in physical changes. For example, a master of this ability may be able to perform a biokinesis eye color change within an hour or even minutes. Like with anything in life it requires training and practice; theoretically a master of this power could even defy mortality by replacing dying cells and killing diseases within the body.

To give you an idea of some of the physical enhancements that can be made I’ll give a few examples. Muscle growth is probably the most obvious, by tearing muscles and speeding up the healing process muscle size and strength can be increased anywhere in the body. Nerves and pain receptors can be altered or removed so that things like cold, burning and obviously pain aren’t felt. This paired with quicker healing rates of wounds can be beneficial in every day life and in fights. Another enhancement is the reduced dependency on sleep, by forgoing sleep and instead utilizing biokinesis to rest the body; a lot of time is saved. These are just some examples of the physical capabilities of biokinesis that can be done on your own body. There is a lot more that can be achieved like enhanced vision, smell, sensitivity etc. Practically anything involving genes which is basically everything in the body, can be modified/enhanced.

Another capability of this power is the aforementioned use of it in healing wounds. This can be done not only on your own body but other people as well. This doesn’t solely apply to flesh wounds and broken bones, when you learn biokinesis it can also be utilized to cure diseases. This is extremely powerful not only for your own mortality but friends and family as well when considering the death rate of illnesses like aids and cancer. Curing said diseases would take a huge toll on the user of the ability though and would require enough knowledge of the human body and disease itself to successfully target and kill the diseased cells.

These are just a few of the plethora of things that can be done with this incredible power. Once you start learning biokinesis and get a deeper understanding of the body the world is your oyster. Practically any living organism can be effected using this ability; it just takes both time and effort to achieve what you desire.

Biokinesis Limitations

Now you have an understanding of some of the capabilities of this power, you’re probably wondering what the limits are. The first limitation is one I mentioned a little earlier and that’s the drain using biokinesis has both physically and mentally. This limit effects how often the power can be used as utilizing the ability requires complete focus. When a user is tired or distracted it’s nearly impossible to see any results when attempting to do even the most basic things with this ability. Obviously this limitation effects your use of the power less and less the more biokinesis is mastered.

This next limitation also correlates with experience. The range at which the power can be used is always something that should be considered. Whilst there isn’t an exact measurement that has been recorded, the further away someone is from the user the longer it takes to achieve the desired result. For example, if you were an experienced user and wanted to do a biokinesis eye color change on your friend and he was right next to you it’d be pretty straight forward. You would most likely see results within the hour. However, if the friend was 10 metres away it may take up to a day or no results may occur whatsoever. Whilst this may not seem like a huge limit; it is something that should be considered especially if you plan on using this ability to fight or to heal someone from afar.

The final notable limitation stems from slips in concentration. Playing around with genes isn’t a joke, when you slip up something can go wrong. This limit definitely correlates with the aforementioned drainage of energy however it deserves a mention on its own. When practicing biokinesis, it is of the utmost importance that you ensure you are in a quite place where you know no distractions will arise. A slip up could lead to nothing or it could end with you being blinded or tearing muscles too far.

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Biokinesis Subliminal Videos, What Are They and Do They Work?

For those who are unfamiliar with subliminal messaging videos also known as hypnosis videos; they are lengthy videos that you can listen to while asleep or in a meditative state. The videos then train your mind, there are subliminals for quitting smoking, losing weight, gambling addiction, increased confidence and obviously learning biokinesis. The biokinesis subliminals are slightly different to some of these other topics though as they aren’t solely for learning the ability. Instead many biokinesis subliminal videos claim to change eye color or do other things that would otherwise require use of the ability.

To someone eager to change their eye color or get some extra strength this probably sounds incredible. But the question remains, do they work. The answer is yes in some ways but not to the extent claimed. If you are actively practicing this ability and are attempting a biokinesis eye color change then listening to a subliminal beforehand can be beneficial and allow a faster transition to the new color. However, just a random person with no practice in this ability listening to a biokinesis subliminal wouldn’t see any results outside of maybe a slight change if they’re lucky.

Subliminals have the greatest effect when they are used to learn the ability itself. Listening to subliminals each night before bed and training several times throughout the day is definitely the most effective method to learn this ability. You can find a lot of good learn biokinesis subliminal videos on YouTube and pair them with the learn biokinesis book we have available on our site to start mastering this ability. I’ll link a couple of my personal favorite subliminals below to get you started.

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