How to Effectively Use Biokinesis Eye Color Subliminals

As discussed in the our article on everything you need to know about Biokinesis; eye color subliminals can be an effective tool if utilized correctly. However, if used incorrectly they are practically useless or provide only minor results. In this article I’ll go over everything you need to know about using biokinesis eye color subliminal videos correctly and how you can fast track results.

Choosing The Right Videos

This one is definitely the most obvious thing to consider. Even though the right videos can have no effect when used incorrectly at least you’re listening to something that actually holds some power in changing your eye color. That is why finding the right subliminals to listen to while changing your eyes to a particular color is a key aspect of the transition. Plus these videos are most likely going to be listened to whilst you are in a hypnotized or sleeping state. You definitely don’t want any negative or malevolent audio in your ears while you are in that state of mind.

So that begs the question, how do you find the right subliminals to listen to? Well there are a few methods, first and foremost is simply looking around on this site. We have posted a few articles going over some of the best biokinesis eye color subliminals for certain color changes. However, if you can’t find the color change that you’re looking for here then it’s time to take a look on YouTube. Once you’ve found a video that seems good, the first thing you should look at is the like to dislike ratio. If the ratio is anything worse then 3:1 then keep searching. If the ratio meets the requirements the next thing you should do is read through the comments. You probably don’t want to listen to 30 minutes of audio for no reason to listen out for anything negative so try to find any comments from people who have tried the subliminal. If the comments are all positive then you should be good to go. Once you start using a video give it a week before you pass judgement. However, if you haven’t seen even some minimal results after a week of usage then move on and find some more effective content.

Getting in the Correct Mindset

Timing is everything when it comes to effectively using biokinesis eye color subliminals. If you’re listening to them on the car ride to work or while in class then you probably won’t see any results. You need to be in a meditative state of going to sleep. If you’re going to sleep there obviously isn’t much explaining needed, just set up a playlist with some of the best videos you can find and head to bed.

biokinesis meditation

If you want to listen to a subliminal some time throughout the day though it’s impervious that you’re in a meditative state of mind. To get into a meditative state you need to work out a routine that relaxes you, do some research and find something that works for you. For me personally I simply lie down and take deep breathes while simultaneously flexing for 3 seconds and releasing with each individual muscle in my body. A lot of meditation experts recommend sitting instead of lying down however, it shouldn’t matter so long as you have some self control over falling asleep.

Biokinesis Exercises

This is the most important thing to know if you truly want to utilize subliminals to change your eye color. While listening to subliminals certainly helps to get your brain into the right mindset and aid with some subconscious biokinesis; it isn’t enough. Whilst listening to biokinesis eye color videos for the change you desire you should also perform some biokinesis exercises on the eyes afterward to get effective results. You can read our book on learning biokinesis for everything you need to know about learning the ability or you can do some research and find some YouTube videos or websites that have information on how to learn the ability.

A lot of the process of learning biokinesis involves meditation so it is important that you master that before trying to learn a psychic ability. Once you are in tune with your mind you can practice and hone your craft. Slowly you will start to see results and achieve more with time.

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