Biokinesis Proof

As discussed in our complete overview of biokinesis there is a lot of proof out there both real and fake. On this page we are regularly looking around and analyzing some of the claimed results that are around. So without further ado lets get into some of the claimed biokinesis results I’ve come across.

First Sample of Biokinesis Proof

Our first piece of claimed biokinesis results comes from a video posted by the YouTuber MarcoTV. Multiple videos could’ve been selected from this channel as this man regularly posts his results using subliminals. In this video the changes over the 5th month of using a particular biokinesis subliminal are shared.

biokinesis proof
biokinesis results

To the untrained eye it may look like no change has occurred. The limbal ring has maintained the same thickness for the duration of the 30 days however there is a slight change to the color of the iris. As stated in our overview of biokinesis; changes are often subtle and take a lot of time. The lack of an obvious change definitely adds to the credibility of this video. Paired with the fact that this individual has kept a record of his results for more then just the month included in the video, it is hard to refute the claim on merit. After analyzing the photo deeper it is clear a filter hasn’t been used as well. So even though the change is merely a subtle one, this does seem like some genuine proof of the ability. I personally believe this individual is attempting to change his eye color to a darker brown. No link to the subliminal being used was posted however, it is pretty obvious that the change in color in the iris is to a darker shade of brown.

Second Sample of Biokinesis Proof

Our second piece of proof comes from an Instagram account with the handle insta.quadible I attached a link to the username for anyone who wants to check out every picture posted. The owner of the account has been posting pictures of her biokinetic journey from brown eyes to green. She posts weekly updates for the most part, here is a comparison between day 1 and week 22.

biokinesis proof instagram
biokinesis results Instagram

As you can see from the two images there is a clear change in the color of the iris with minimal change to the limbal ring. Over the 22 weeks the iris has slowly gotten lighter and by the 22nd week it has reached the point to where there is a noticeable difference in color. If you look closely by week 22 you can see an emerald like color taking shape and it’s clear if this person maintains their routine that they will soon have a completely green iris. After looking at every picture posted on the account I couldn’t find any inconsistencies in the journey to green eyes, it doesn’t seem like any filter is being used and the changes are too minute for contacts to be in play.

That’s all the biokinesis proof we’ve looked at so far but bookmark this page as we’re always looking for more results to investigate. If you have a video or claim you want us to look into send it in and we’ll attempt to debunk it.